Worried about the changes being introduced later this year? What does it mean to your business? Sleepless nights ahead... Well not if your with CleanChem
We will support you to protect your business. Take the website itself... We have a full range of H&S apparel and equipment at the best prices in New Zealand. 
Our larger customers are using CleanChem because we agree with their H/S Manager or business owners only product that their contractors can use by loading the approved product specific to them onto a unique user name and  password that can be used by their teams from any location, giving them a confidence and consistency that all their team nation wide are purchasing only product approved by them. 
Currently our competitors will give you what you walk up to the counter with or what you order online increasing the risk of purchasing product that is not suitable for their everyday tasks. Ask yourself... How good is your due diligence? Wouldn't you prefer to show Worksafe your control for your team by using CleanChem? Don't leave it until its to late... Great pricing and peace of mind, thats what we give you!