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  1. PANSAN Cleaner (PAN)

    PANSAN Cleaner (PAN)

    Mild phosphoric acid based daily toilet and urinal cleaner
  2. SNOBRITE Liquid Bleach (SNB)

    SNOBRITE Liquid Bleach (SNB)

    Concentrated liquid bleach containing Sodium Hypochlorite
  3. Bathroom Cleaner (BRC)

    Bathroom Cleaner (BRC)

    Non-toxic citric acid based daily maintenance cleaner for washrooms and bathrooms.
  4. AMMAN Bath and Tile Cleaner (AMO)

    AMMAN Bath and Tile Cleaner (AMO)

    Ammoniated bath, tile and hard surface cleaner.
  5. Mountain Air Deodorant Tablets (MTA)

    Mountain Air Deodorant Tablets (MTA)

    Toilet block containing paradichlorobenzene with a lingering fresh citrus odour.
  6. INSTACLEAN Daily Maintenance Cleaner (ISC)

    INSTACLEAN Daily Maintenance Cleaner (ISC)

    Neutral daily maintenance cleaner with a fresh lemon scent.
  7. INSTABUFF Super. Cleaner/Maintainer for Polished Floors (ISBS)

    INSTABUFF Super. Cleaner/Maintainer for Polished Floors (ISBS)

    Polymer based cleaner/maintainer/spray buff suitable for all polished floors.
  8. INSTABUFF  Neutral Cleaner (ISB)

    INSTABUFF Neutral Cleaner (ISB)

    Neutral cleaner/ maintainer /spray buff for maintaining polished floors.
  9. ENDURE UHS Floor Polish (END)

    ENDURE UHS Floor Polish (END)

    Urethane fortified, concentrated UHS floor polish
  10. INSTAGLOSS High Speed Floor Polish(ISG)

    INSTAGLOSS High Speed Floor Polish(ISG)

    Ultra high speed floor polish suitable for maintaining with 1000-3000 rpm burnisher.
  11. INSTASHINE Floor Polish (ISH)

    INSTASHINE Floor Polish (ISH)

    Low maintenance hard wearing high shine floor polish
  12. INSTASEAL Floor Sealer (ISE)

    INSTASEAL Floor Sealer (ISE)

    Semi-permanent floor sealer.
  13. INSTASTRIP Super Floor Stripper (ISTS)

    INSTASTRIP Super Floor Stripper (ISTS)

    Highly concentrated speed stripper for removing old polish and semi-permanent sealers.
  14. INSTASTRIP Floor Polish Stripper (IST)

    INSTASTRIP Floor Polish Stripper (IST)

    Heavy duty floor stripper.
  15. ALPHA -8 Fabric and Carpet Spray (AL8)

    ALPHA -8 Fabric and Carpet Spray (AL8)

    fabric and carpet pre-spray is a clear, pale blue liquid containing a blend of surfactants, anti-redepositing agents, solvent and water softening agents.
  16. EXTRACTION General Purpose cleaner (EXTN)

    EXTRACTION General Purpose cleaner (EXTN)

    General purpose hot water carpet & upholstery cleaner