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Elvex Brow-Specs Ballistic Vo rated spectacles (SG-31CBAF)

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Elvex Brow-Specs Ballistic Vo rated spectacles (SG-31CBAF)

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Elvex Brow-Specs provide the wearer with additional comfort from the brow guard and wraparound lens for uncompromised peripheral vision. The Brow-Specs sleek design, delivers extended coverage with maximum protection keeping debris and sweat from your eyes.

Ballistic Vo Rated High Velocity Impact.
EVA Closed Cell Foam Brow guard provides extra comfort EVA Flame Retardant Foam Brow Guard.
Extended wraparound Polycarbonate lens provides greater coverage.
SuperCoat™ anti-fog coating.
Anti-Slip Rubber Vented Nose Bridge.
All Lenses Provide 99% UV Protection

ANSI Z87.1-2010 (+)

Brow-Specs™ Cobalt AF/PC Lenses are designed for observing hot molen metals i blas furnaces, refining stations, castors and runways.
Blocks Red glare and reduces heat transmission.
Allows the user to see fine detail shape of flame.
Performance Shade 7.
IR protection 53%

Reference: 3560

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