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Double Hydraulic High Scissor Lift Trolley

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Double Hydraulic High Scissor Lift Trolley

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A must include for those operations where heavy loads not able to be lifted on a pallet, need to raised safely and without risk of injury. This double hydraulic high lift scissor Trolley not only has the versatility to raise loads higher than other standard scissor lift Trolleys but it also has a high load capacity;

• Manufactured in high gauge powder-coated steel with strongly welded and bolted joins for maximum strength
• Convenient angled handle which is bolted to the strong base frame for steering and pushing the Trolley
• This scissor lift Trolley is fitted with a double hydraulic mechanism that through a simple and effortless low torque foot pedal silently raises heavy loads quickly and safely up to 1575mm
• The larger platform size increases the size and bulk of the loads that can be lifter and the super strong design offers an overall load capacity of 500kgs
• Releasing the hand lever effortlessly and safely lowers the platform
• Platform surface is completely flat for ease of sliding loads on and off the platform
• 4 x 125mm heavy duty rubber bearing wheels to withstand the heaviest of loads with 2 x fixed at the front of the Trolley and two swivel braking at the handle end to completely secure the Trolley and load when required
• Industrial strength Trolley suitable for the toughest of warehouse, distribution centre or operational plant evnvironments
• Four scissor lift Trolleys available. There is a separate double hydraulic scissor lift Trolley (standard size) that lifts loads of up to 350kgs up to 1300mm. Pricing below is based on the double hydraulic (1575mm lift height) model with the other height models (1300mm, 920mm and 720mm), showing as separate listings
• Delivered assembled
• 3 year warranty

Reference: 9012

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