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  1. Blue Eagle Welding Handshield (632-PA)

    Blue Eagle Welding Handshield (632-PA)

    Polypropylene hand held shell with fixed lens, 51x108mm Fully assembled helmet comes with IR shade 10 lens Ideal for mechanics, schools, technical demonstrations
  2. Blue Eagle Welding Helmet (633-PA)

    Blue Eagle Welding Helmet (633-PA)

    Polypropylene shell with lift front lens, 51x108mm Easily adjustable head gear with replaceable sweatband
  3. Blue Eagle Bi-View Welding Helmet (638-PA)

    Blue Eagle Bi-View Welding Helmet (638-PA)

    Polypropylene shell, Bi-view lens, 80x108mm
  4. Blue Eagle Large Lens Helmet (934-PA)
  5. Blue Eagle Large Flip-Up Lens (936-PA)

    Blue Eagle Large Flip-Up Lens (936-PA)

    Larger Lens 114x133mm Flip-Up
  6. Blue Eagle Welding Hood (NP-901)

    Blue Eagle Welding Hood (NP-901)

    Leather shoulder length welding hood useful in confined spaces Complete with Shade 10 lens
  7. Fixed single and Bi View Shade Welding Lenses

    Fixed single and Bi View Shade Welding Lenses

    We use glass only lenses Fixed Shade lens Welding lenses glass. EN standards ISO 9001
  8. Proban Head Protection (340)

    Proban Head Protection (340)

    Flame Retardant,Small peakless cap with neck flap provides top of head, ears and neck protection only. 339 Flame Retardant, Full hood, covers, head, neck and shoulders. 340
  9. Welders Apron (WA-T410042R)

    Welders Apron (WA-T410042R)

    Reverse full/split grain leather, available in two sizes. Chalk or pen pocket on bib. Adjustable strap configuration to achieve secure fit. Kevlar stitched. WA-T410036S Size: 92mm x 60mm WA-T410042R Size;106mm x 60mm
  10. Welding Curtains (WC6636-25)

    Welding Curtains (WC6636-25)

    Patented PVC Formula Heavy duty 14mili-inch vinyl Electronically welded hems, seams. Grommeted and ready to hang. Use around Mig, Tig, Arc, Plasma, Gas or other high amperage welding arcs Filters Far/Near UV radiation and Blue Light. Allows more light into welding booth Excellent for use in assembly areas Increases safety Brighter and better working environment Custom sizes available on request
  11. Weld Screen - 1 Panel (WS-R1066)

    Weld Screen - 1 Panel (WS-R1066)

    Free standing Easy to assemble Strong square tubing with sturdy platform legs Interchangeable parts Includes 1800mm x 18000mm Red curtain(WC-6636-25) WS-R1066-25
  12. TIG CS Gloves (W-TIGC)

    TIG CS Gloves (W-TIGC)

    Beige quality cowgrain glove with golden split leather cuff Reinforcing around inside thumb Kevlar stitched 30cm Glove W-TIGC
  13. TIG DS Gloves (W-TIGD)

    TIG DS Gloves (W-TIGD)

    Natural deerskin split leather glove with orange deerskin cuff Very soft and supple No Exposed Stitching Great dexterity for fine work 30cm glove W-TIGD
  14. Blue Premium Welder Gloves (W-1502)

    Blue Premium Welder Gloves (W-1502)

    Premium side leather, reinforced palm, thumb, wrist and knuckle bar, welted seams, fully lined, Kevlar sewn, 40cm length Available: Large W-1502
  15. Rusty Red Welder Gloves (W-1501)

    Rusty Red Welder Gloves (W-1501)

    Premium Leather, reinforced palm, thumb, welted seems and fully lined Kevlar stitching, 40cm length W-1501 Also Available: 'Lefties', 2 left handed pair (372L)
  16. Welding Goggle Single Lens (GW-250S)

    Welding Goggle Single Lens (GW-250S)

    Soft green PVC frame with 6 indirect ventilation valves to reduce fogging Flip one piece lens holder made from impact resistant Black ABS plastic Comes complete with Shade 5 polycarbonate lens Lens size 51 x 108mm standard welding helmet size. (Replaceable Code AU-52) Coverlens CL-39 Can be fitted with magnifying dipoter cover lens (code: CL-39 200) ANSI Z87.1 CE EN175, CSA Z94.3 GW-250S
  17. XAX Welders Shirt  (WS-445)

    XAX Welders Shirt (WS-445)

    100% cotton 200gsm Ciba Fire Retardant Pyrovatex Fabric treatment High visibility colour option for added safety
  18. Blue Eagle Browguard face protection BVC-6

    Blue Eagle Browguard face protection BVC-6

    Impact protection. Manufactured from ABS plastic. Chin guard for protection from below. (Code: C2) Fully adjustable headgear with lift up function. TINTS: Polycarbonate clear visor, shade3, shade 5. Replacement visor codes: Clear visor V-2, Shade 3 Visor V-2G3, Shade 5 Visor V-2G5. BVC-6
  19. Weldfelt Blanket (WB5180)

    Weldfelt Blanket (WB5180)

    Lightweight and flexible all purpose welding blanket Extremely heat and fire resistant Heavy duty welding blanket Carbonized Acrylic felt Black colour No grommets Temp: 3000F, 1648C Perfect for a large Range of protection applications Will not scratch Paint or Glass