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Welcome to CleanChem!

CleanChem offers your business control, consistency and due diligence in today's challenging world of Health and Safety. Our process is very simple. We will customise a page with a unique username and password for your business within the CleanChem website offering customised links to industry standard, AS/NZ approved or HSNO standard products specific to your business needs. 

The CleanChem website gives each client specific control and consistency, be it for a single location or multiple sites throughout New Zealand. CleanChem also archives every order for you to show your history of purchases, giving you evidence of your ongoing commitment to supporting Health and Safety within your business in preparation for any health & safety audit or visit from Worksafe NZ

Understanding the new legislation is about process and accountability. You as a business owner are responsible for ensuring that you are doing everything possible to keep your teams safe and also that your employees are aware of their responsibilities in regard to health and safety. If a business fails to meet this standard of care, there can be significant consequences for employers and employees. CleanChem offers a high standard of due diligence and 100% support to both the employer and employee.

By October this year when the new health and safety legislation is expected to be passed through Parliament, CleanChem's consultancy role becomes more significant.  CleanChem will also meet this challenge through the introduction of innovative online health & safety software to support small to medium sized businesses who don't have the time, knowledge or resources for an in house Health and Safety Manager. This application which is currently being developed, will provide everything you need from company health & safety policy manuals, to every day documentation and checklists on what you should be doing to keep your business in line with the specific requirements of Health and Safety within your business. 

CleanChem was officially launched in March 2015 this year and to date we have supported several national companies in ensuring their personal protective clothing and equipment meets AS/NZ standards where applicable.  More recently Foodstuffs have seen the benefit in what is on offer and a majority of their sites are working withCleanChem

There is no doubt that New Zealand businesses are in for significant challenges with the new legislation in Health and Safety, which has real potential to create concern and frustration for employers and employees. The next twelve months is certainly going to be an exciting journey and CleanChem will be at the forefront of offering New Zealand's businesses health & safety support.